Scavenger Hunts

Social media Scavenger Hunt is an activity created by Oscar Diaz, a young colleague who teaches multi media. The idea is simply to use social media as tools for introductions.

Students are asked to interact with, and get to know, one another in the beginning of the semester — by using tools they use in their free time. They will also exchange some social media information so it will be easy for them to be in touch for group work, and other activities.

For communication classes, the extra benefit is the “research material” created in the activity that can then be analyzed together in class (“What tools do you tend to use with different people? Why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the tool…”). However, you can add anything relevant to your topic in this activity: (“Find 5 hashtags that have to do with biology”; “Create a meme that relates to your idea of service learning…”)

Lets do it! Here’s how (and examples).


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